Can you negotiate house price after survey?

Yes, it is legal and common to negotiate on the price after a homebuyer report or building survey has been undertaken as you will understand far more about what is required at the property.

In some cases, vendors and agents can be wholly unaware of the issues that we highlight in our surveys and when faced with the realisation that there are several items that need addressing, it is entirely reasonable to negotiate the purchase price. Remember that legally your offer is Subject to Contract (STC) and that you are not legally bound to buy a property after a survey or until the point of exchange.

Our Level 3 Building surveys include a detailed list of recommendations and a schedule of budget costs to show you the high-level costs associated with the property as well as highlight any further requirements.

Once you have received our report, what next? 

  1. Call the agents and say you are no longer interested.
  2. Highlight the repairs required and see if the vendors will complete the repairs themselves.
  3. Ask for a price reduction to cover the costs f works.
  4. Carry on as normal. 
  5. Carry out further investigations.

Whatever you decide to do, Smith Heritage Surveyors are specialists in Homebuyer Reports, Level 3 Building Surveys and Listed Building Surveys and we offer a full service to completion and will be with you every step of the way.

Do not hesitate to contact us should you need any further information on what to do next or want further information on the range and types of surveys on offer.