How much does a building survey cost?

How much does a building survey cost?

A building survey cost will be wholly dependant upon the type, size, and value of the property (as well as factors such as mileage, travel time, parking arrangements etc.).

As there are many different types of properties, of different ages, materials, and locality, the RICS has therefore allowed for this with different levels or survey namely: A Condition Report (level one), Homebuyer Report (level two) and Building Survey (level three). Sava or RPSA - the Residential Property Surveyors Association also offer different surveys, including the Sava Home Condition Survey, which is a level-two report (like the RICS Homebuyer Report).


Level of report

What it covers

What type of home is it suitable for?

Cost (£)

Condition Report

 (Level one)

The property's condition, including any risks, potential legal issues and urgent defects.

Standard properties and relatively new homes in good condition.


Homebuyer Report/ Home Condition Survey

(Level two)

Includes all the features of a Condition Report, plus defects that might affect the property, and advice on repairs and maintenance.  It can also include a market valuation and how much it would cost to rebuild the property.

Standard properties in reasonable condition.


Building Survey

(Level three)

An in-depth look at the property's condition, with advice on defects, repairs and how to maintain the property.

For larger or older (50+ years) properties, unusual homes, renovation projects and properties in poor condition.


Listed Building Survey

All of the aspects of a Level 3, but looks in depth at material changes, planning, building regulations and damp.

Listed Buildings or any building built pre-1840.


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