How to prepare your home for a survey.

A chartered building surveyor is coming to inspect my house, what should I do?

You have accepeted on your property have now been told, most likely by your estate agent that the buyer wants to have a building surveyor inspect your property. Do not be concerned, this is very normal. It is not a surveyors job to point out the obvious marks on the walls or comment on the cleanliness of the home, they are there as a professional to highlight any structural issues and to comment on the condition of the various building elements.

You may have more than one inspection as well, this could be a valuation, building survey or other inspection such as structural engineer, damp surveyor, asbestos surveyor or even drainage.

Regardless, your role can be quite hands on or totally detached. If you don’t want to deal the surveyors then that is fine, let your estate agent handle this. As surveyors, we will often ring the agents and pick up keys from them on the day, and retirn them to them once fininshed. Also, we often arrive at the address greeted by the owner, the owners neighbour or father inlaw! You name it. So your involvement is purely down to you and what you want.

Do I need to prepare my home? Provide documentation.

Not really. If you provide paperwork that can be helpful, but you would most likely have already given these to your solicitor so theres no real need to duplicate the work.

As a general helpful note, if you could make as many areas as clear as possible, open up any loft hatches and ensure keys are provided for all windows, doors and outbuildngs that greatly helps us and means our inspection will not be hindered.

We hope this gives you some peace of mind. If you would like to discuss this in more depth, then please do give us a call on 07568 513 972.