Some of our recommended books and resources.

If you are thinking of buying a Listed or older property, you will probably already know that they need caring for harmoniously and the usual DIY materials from your local dealer, are more catered for modern homes. As discussed on other pages, the key for any house is to ensure moisture can evaporate easily often referred as breathability.

The point of this post however is to point you in the direction of some really great books that you can purchase, to give you some light reading and information around the subject.

One of my favourite books and a must have for anyone with a property built pre-1930 is: The Period Property Manual.

Second, a great surveyor called Marion Suhr released this book a few years back now and contains a huge amount of practical advice and materials to use: The Old House Handbook.

Third one is a must have for the conservation professional. The complete series will set you back a rather large amount of money, so maybe just buy one for the area you are interested in and then slowly build up the collection. Practical Building Conservation Series.

And that is it. Three good choices to help improve your knowledge and let you look after your property correctly.

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