What to consider if your buying or selling?

We often get calls from clients early in the buying process, so we thought you may appreciate a few helpful tips about what to do in the early stages.

The first thing is to never lie to your building surveyor, if the property has issues, discuss it with them and make them aware of it. Our surveyors are experts at investigating problems in houses and sometimes its better to have a conversation and explain what is happening rather than getting the surveyors suspicions aroused. Trust us, well placed bookshelves or rugs will not be enough to mask the properties problems.

We are lucky that we get to survey some utterly amazing properties. But one thing we do is look, walk around, take it all in, stop and then survey pragmatically. Sometimes the beauty of the building or/ and its setting blindsight the potential owners and it is our job to see past the charm and look at the building pathology, defects, causes and issues.

We use a variety of technical equipment including thermal imaging cameras which really will show up any hidden damp problems and defects from a mile away.

Some other things you should consider are:

  • Appoint an established and recommended solicitor.
  • Visit the property at different times and days, the property during the day may be totally different at night.
  • If you can look at the building’s history.
  • The local area; visit shops and schools in advance.
  • Knock on the neighbour’s door and talk to them. You know why!!!