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Party Wall

The Party Wall Etc. Act 1996 is an act of parliament which requires anyone proposing works to their property to formally notify the owners of the neighbouring properties before commencement.

The act provides a framework for dealing with three different types of building work:

  • Work being carried out to an existing shared wall,
  • Building new structures across the boundary of two or more properties,
  • Or, excavating near to neighbouring properties.

Please see the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors helpful advice note or building owners - click here

Defect Survey - Case Study

Case Study

We were contacted by an owner in surrey who was undertaking work to their property and had received an aggressive letter from a surveyor threatening legal action if they did not issue a Party Wall Notice to both of their neighbours within 14 days. After a conversation and site visit, we agreed with our client that the works would not trigger the Party Wall Act. The clients were relieved and we sent the ambulance-chasing surveyor back into the long grass.

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