What is RICS?

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is the official body of property professionals. They issue and monitor the highest global standards that their members must adhere to in land, property, infrastructure and construction professions. 

Why It's Important to Use a RICS Surveyor

RICS is the internationally foremost qualification in property and construction. It will guarantee your surveying experience to be one of a highly professional standard, performed by trustworthy and highly-qualified members.

Using a  chartered surveyor is vital if you want an accurate opinion on the property you're buying. RICS members are fully qualified in every aspect of property matters and are bound to the high standards that RICS set to maintain a trustworthy service. Whether your surveyor is at AssocRICS, FRICS or MRICS level, they will be a reliable and qualified professional with your best interest being their priority.

Members must follow the ‘RICS Rules of Conduct’ that ensures you’re fully covered with professional indemnity insurance, something that not every surveyor may be able to offer. This ensures that you’re fully protected throughout the process. This will give you complete confidence in the standard of your surveyor.  

In the long run, your RICS surveyor will offer their guidance and support to help you save money on your property. This is something that other surveyors may not be able to fulfil. 

How Surveyors Become RICS Members

A formal qualification such as a Batchelors or Masters degree, followed by a number of years in a working environment before submitting and being assessed for membership commonly known as the Assessment of Professional Competence (APC).

Are Smith Heritage Surveyors members of the RICS?

Yes we are. 

You can find our details on the RICS website at the following: Smith Heritage Surveyors - RICS Find a Surveyor (ricsfirms.com)