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Defects Survey

Defects reports will involve analysis and inspections of the causes and extent of the defects that are present. types of common defects that we often deal with are subsidence and heave, cracking brickwork, movement of structural timbers and settlement.

Types of common defects in a property that we have inspected:

  • Subsidence / Heave
  • Cracking
  • Structural Movement
  • Timber Decay and Rot
  • Damp
  • Roofing Defects
  • Poor Construction

What is included in the defect survey report?

The specific defect report includes details of what is uncovered during the inspection. The report will assess whether there is a problem with the structure of the building and what needs to be done to rectify any issues along with budget costs.

It highlights the causes of the defects and their seriousness. Your survey will offer advice on how to repair the damages and the course of action you need to take to address the problems. It will also suggest whether any further investigations are required and a budget for the costs of repairs.

Defect Survey - Case Study

Case Study

Smith Heritage Surveyors were instructed to inspect a property in London that had significant cracks occurring at the flank wall and they wanted to understand what was causing the problems. Our survey did identify some sizable cracks that were consistent with subsidence. After some further testing and our usual inspection of the drainage system we identified a significant blockage I the drain adjacent which was had cracked the clay pipes causing localised ground movement adjacent the building. We were able to advise a local company who rectified the issue along with some wall ties, the building is now safe and has happy owners once again.

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